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A Legacy of Quality

From our 19th-century founding by skilled Dutch immigrants to the inspired creations in our showrooms across the globe, the quality of our design, materials, craftsmanship and finishes remains unsurpassed.

  • Designers and Collections

    Whether it's a design icon like Thomas Pheasant or a coveted original selected by Sir Humphry Wakefield, each collection is curated with a sensibility that is uniquely ours. A handpicked, handmade, one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • Inspiration Room Gallery

    Explore a hand-chosen selection of living rooms, bedrooms and more, and find the elements that bring the looks you love to life.


McGuire will always preserve the best of our heritage; creating timeless design and product that make a long-lasting contribution to a home's most loved rooms. We proudly carry forward a design sensibility that has been more than seven decades in the making.

Milling Road

Our Milling Road Legacy is quality. And our goal is to constantly reinterpret design history, discreetly moving forward to explore the delicacy of invention. Our Darryl Carter, Kara Mann and Originals collections ignite our imagination and celebrate the daring, the bold, and the exceptional.

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